All in good time- Mami Kawada

I prefer this to the Shana S OP, Prophecy. I guess this can be considered an emo song… Romaji out soon!

Edit: Special thanks to Taka02 for the corrections!

Lyrics- Mami Kawada
Music and Composition- Tomoyuki Nakazawa






諦めた訳じゃない 期待の向こうに行くために



ただ繰り返す でも違う


Yuzurenakatta omoi idaki
Soredemo koko made aruitekita
Susumetenai youde toki no nami ni
Hakobareta negai ni sukoshi fureta

Tooi kioku wo tadoru
Koujya nakatta koto de kagayaiteta kigashita
Mabushikatta ano hi wo koe

Ima koko ni iru
Owari toka hajimari toka dokodemonai basho de
Korekara bokura
Mata aruki aratana yume mitsukedasu koto darou

Todoketakatta omoi bakari
“wagamama” to “negai” narabetemita
Dakara koe ni naranakatta kotoba, kyou mo kieta

Asai kokyuu meguru
[ima made ga yosugita] to
Akirameta wakejyanai kitai no mukou ni iku tame ni

Ima koko ni iru
Owari demo hajimari demo doko ni demo aru basho de
Korekara bokura mata aruki aratana yume mitsukedasu koto darou

Ima koko ni iru
Tanoshikatta hibi darake no ima nara koko wa nai
Nando mo bokura arukidasu
Aratana yume mitsukedasu

Kore kara bokura mata aruki
Nani mo miezu mayou hi ni mata deau
Tada kurikaesu demo chigau
Aratana yume mitsukedasu koto darou


Holding on to this feeling that I cannot yield
Still, I have walked this far
I didn’t seem to advance much
But I can feel the dream carried by the wave of time

Tracing back to the distant memories
feel I was shining with things that were not to be Going beyond those dazzling days

Over here, now
Where it is not the beginning or the end or anywhere
From here
We will again walk to discover those new dreams

Only wanting to convey my feelings
I tried to link up my “Selfishness” and “wishes”
Unable to choose
That is why my voice didn’t express those words which disappeared today too

My shallow breathing returns
I said, “Up till now it is great”
There is no reason to give up, in order to go towards hope

Over here, now
Even if it is the end or the start, in a place that is anywhere
From here
We will again walk to discover those new dreams

From here
If the present is full of enjoyable days, it is not here
Many times we walked out
To discover a new dream

From here we will again walk towards
Without seeing anything else, we will meet up in these confusing days
It is only seemed repetitive, but it is different
We will discover a new dream

P.S Kawada Mami looks hot on her album cover!


5 Responses to “All in good time- Mami Kawada”

  1. fred Says:

    hey there! can I borrow your translation of this song to my Kawada Mami fanlisting/fansite? 😀 of course, I’ll credit you for doing that.

  2. Burny Says:

    I know this is old and all, but I found it in google soo..
    There is a mistake in “Owari toka hajimari toka dokodemonai basho de” there is a missing “Kono” beween “dokodemonai” and “basho”. ^^ you can see it in the Kanji lyrics too.

  3. All in good time – Mami Kawada « Yakusoku no Koe Says:

    […] (translated by ) […]

  4. janicegaid Says:

    hmm it makes me relieve while I’m listening this music .. i like the lyrics and also the tune and specially the singer ^_^

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